American Wire Rope & Sling takes testing seriously. We have five test beds at our various locations, including the largest test bed in the state of Indiana with a test capacity of 350,000 pounds or 175 Tons. All of our test beds are annually calibrated to the highest E4 test bed calibration and certification standards.

Our testers are capable of testing rigging and lifting products in both vertical and horizontal formats. We can test standard rigging items as well as custom lifters. If you have a custom item that needs tested, such as a fabricated lifter, our in-house engineers and machine shop can build you a custom fixture so that your item is tested in its intended use orientation—which is a must to ensure that the item has been properly tested to its design, working load and safety factory classifications.

American Wire Rope & Sling also offers destructive testing. This is the fun stuff! Need to break an item to see how it will truly yield? We can do it—and honestly, we love to break stuff for you to show you the worst-case scenario or to prove your design calculations. We safely conduct a wide array of destructive tests for many military, aerospace, construction, custom lifting and OEM manufacturers so you know exactly where you stand. Our tests can be videoed and sent to you, along with full test reports. Or, you’re welcome to be onsite to watch it go BANG when we break it for you!