Overhead Crane Repair Services

American Steel & Crane offers both emergency repairs and scheduled repairs with proactive and preventative maintenance. When your crane goes down, our qualified technicians will get onsite quickly and work safely until you are back up and running. No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll get you back in service in no time, regardless of the type or brand of your system.

Emergency Repairs

If your crane goes down and creates an emergency situation in your operation, don’t stress—just give us a call. Our staff activates our emergency protocols when your emergencies arise, and we quickly shift into gear to get a qualified technician on your site immediately if you need us. We stock a vast array of parts, but even if your part needs expedited, our parts and customer-service personnel have been trained on selecting the fastest and most cost-efficient options to get your parts in hand immediately.

Engineering Services

If your service issue is more complex, our in-house engineers are right there working hand-in-hand with our service and repair technicians to ensure there is no delay in getting your problem properly diagnosed and solved.

Scheduled Repairs

Scheduling your repairs before the breakdown occurs is the most cost-effective way to ensure your repair costs can be in sync with your budgets and cash flow. Our technicians are trained to take a proactive approach while onsite conducting your inspections or other routine maintenance to make you aware of potential upcoming problems. We want to work together to plan and schedule your repairs before they take you down and increase your costs.

Machining Capabilities

In some cases, the part you need to repair your crane may not be available in a reasonable time frame. Not to worry—in many cases our in-house engineers can design your part and get it machined and in the hands of our service and repair teams right away to get you back up and running weeks—or even months—ahead of waiting on the OEM.